How to Avoid Scams When Working with an Investment Company?

Selling your home to an investor can be a good decision. You can sell your house as-is. It’s possible to sell the property for a fair cash price without having to wait for months. If you collaborate with a reputable cash buying firm, you can sell your home within 7-14 days. You are in control … Continued

how to sell an out of state property

Tips for Selling an Out of State Property

It’s best to sell a home when you are living in it or are just a driveway. You can be available for home showings, negotiations, and staging. However, sometimes, circumstances force us to sell a house far away. Either you have to move out because of job/surprising situations, or you inherit a house in another … Continued

How to do seller financing?

How to do Seller Financing Deals?

Seller financing can be an attractive option both for the seller and the buyer. It works primarily for buyers who cannot qualify for a traditional loan. If you want to get approved for the conventional housing loan, you need to have an excellent credit score and a down payment of 10%-20%. If you can’t pay … Continued

how to sell home fast (as-is)

Tips for Selling a Home Fast (As-Is)

More often, sellers are concerned with two things: The price of the house The time it takes to close the deal The listing price might not be the most critical factor, but the price you walk away with is the most important thing. What is the final amount you are receiving? On the same note, … Continued

selling an ugly house in 20 days

Selling an Ugly House [Under 20 Days]

It can be challenging to sell a house that is old and outdated. You’ll need to work on the property before listing it. Today’s buyers want a house in its top-notch condition. It is understandable because prospective buyers are inspired by latest trends, and they want their new home to be beautiful. However, it is … Continued

selling property to a rehabber vs a wholesaler

Selling Property to a Rehabber Vs. a Wholesaler

When you walk across the street or visit another neighborhood; you’ll see signboards. You’ll come across yard signs, and small billboards posted by, “we buy houses company.” You’ll read terms like “sell house fast” or “we buy houses for cash.” These advertisements are mostly posted by a cash buyer or an investor. As you already … Continued

sell your house to an investor

Listing a Property on MLS Vs Selling to an Investor

When selling a house, most people think of listing a house with an agent. Some of us, choose to sell a house by owner. Very few think of selling a home to an investor.  Like any other decision in life, you have to select the best path. When selling a house, you have to write … Continued

selling a house with termites

How to Sell a Termite Damaged Property in Connecticut?

Termites, the tiny little creatures can extensively damage a house. The damage often becomes visible when the problem has already become severe. Termites rely on wood, therefore, when in large number, termites can shake the structure of your house. What’s more is that these tiny creatures can move through plaster, metal, and so on. So, … Continued

Stop Foreclosure

8 Ways to Stop Foreclosure on Your Property

Tips To Stop Foreclosure on Your Property Connecticut is a judicial foreclosure state. There are two types of judicial foreclosures available: Strict foreclosure Decree of sale The bank can foreclose your house in 60-75 days of filing a strict foreclosure. A strict foreclosure does not require a complete sale of your home. In fact, the … Continued

bankruptcy chapter 13 real estate

Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Real Estate

Bankruptcy is often used as the last resort to save your home from foreclosure. However, you can’t use chapter 7 to protect your house as chapter 7 is the liquidation bankruptcy. You can postpone the date of the auction, but filing chapter 7 doesn’t save your home. When you file for bankruptcy, the court issues … Continued

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Real Estate

You can file for chapter 7 bankruptcy if your income-related resources are minimum, a significant portion of the debt is unsecured, and it doesn’t seem possible to pay back the loan. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also known as liquidation bankruptcy. That means the court will dissolve your assets to pay back the loans. After dissolving … Continued

Tips For Hiring A Moving Company

Tips For Hiring A Moving Company In Connecticut

You don’t find the best moving companies in Connecticut by doing a simple Google search. The reason is obvious. You have to trust the company with your precious belongings. You need to find a trustworthy partner, a reputable mover who knows his job and for this purpose, you want to look beyond online searches. Connecticut … Continued

Mold Abatement Assistance In CT

Selling a house as-is with mold The mold can grow anywhere. It can be inside your home, beneath the walls, or inside the attic. You can sense the presence of mold by its smell. Water damage is probably the most common reason for mold growth. Usually, mold starts developing 24 hours after the environment becomes … Continued

Reverse Mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit

A reverse mortgage, Home Equity Loan or the Equity Line of Credit allow you to cash in the equity in your home. You can use the capital to pay for medical expenses, unexpected costs or for day to day expenses. The reverse mortgage is specially reserved for people aged 62. Usually, consumers approaching retirement consider … Continued

Tips For Selling Your Out-Of-State Rental Property

Tips For Selling Your Out-Of-State Rental Property

Are You an Out of State Landlord? Managing rental properties while being away is a tough challenge. The surprising factor is that we don’t choose to become an out-of-state landlord unless the scope for making a profit is significantly high. It would be better if the property is in the town and you can make visits … Continued