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“I Need to Sell my house quickly!” Lots of sellers have this main goal in mind. There are many reasons you may need to sell your house quickly. Before you go through the process of locating a realtor and dealing with the potentially time-consuming inconveniences associated with having a home on the market, call our team at CT House Buy LLC. We’ll go over and understand your situation, explain what we do, and propose some alternative options. You could potentially sell your home for cash more quickly than you imagine.


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The recession of 2008 caused the entire economy to collapse. We could argue about the effect of foreclosure on the national economy, but statistics showed that economic progress is dependent on the real estate investment sector. The Effect of Recession on the US Economy When a homeowner defaults, the mortgage becomes a non-performing loan. Banks […]

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Creating a thriving business is not just about achieving your financial goals. It is about listening to your customers and earning credibility. The fun begins when your business wins raving fans, and you gain the respect of your peers, competitors, employees, and customers. However, there is a question. What separates a successful business from its […]

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What are the Advantages of Selling My House for Cash?

Posted by Jose Imery // February 28, 2018

Advantages of selling house for cash

Real estate transactions are two-sided. On one side, you have a successful ‘complete’ transaction while on the other hand, you have ‘pending, delayed and incomplete’ deals. Probably, the first and most important advantage of having a cash buyer is that you can sell your house within days. You will receive funds in 2 weeks, and […]

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“It was my pleasure to work with José Imery and his CT House Buy Company when I was in the need to sell my property under some unique circumstances..."

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