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“I Need to Sell my house quickly!” Lots of sellers have this main goal in mind. There are many reasons you may need to sell your house quickly. Before you go through the process of locating a realtor and dealing with the potentially time-consuming inconveniences associated with having a home on the market, call our team at CT House Buy LLC. We’ll go over and understand your situation, explain what we do, and propose some alternative options. You could potentially sell your home for cash more quickly than you imagine.


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Money Saving Opportunities for First-time Home Buyers

Posted by Jose Imery // February 14, 2018

Buying a house for the first-time can be a daunting experience. Most likely, you will search for a lender to finance the home. You are looking at mortgage rates, available amount and ways to reduce the down payment. You have to consider the closing costs, moving expenses, application processing charges and your credit score. All […]

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Your relationship with your contractors can have a significant impact on your business. Around 30%-40% of your business activity depends on the construction process. Having good relations can make it a smooth journey to deal with complex renovation projects. It can ensure that top quality work is delivered to your clients. It also means those […]

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Buying a house is an exciting process. You are probably exploring the house and thinking about all the fun things you can do. How about cooking in that designer kitchen, relaxing in the brand-new bathtub or organizing your dresses in that fancy walk-in closet? Wait a minute. Before you explore these aspects of your house, […]

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“It was my pleasure to work with José Imery and his CT House Buy Company when I was in the need to sell my property under some unique circumstances..."

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