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“I Need to Sell my house quickly!” Lots of sellers have this main goal in mind. There are many reasons you may need to sell your house quickly. Before you go through the process of locating a realtor and dealing with the potentially time-consuming inconveniences associated with having a home on the market, call our team at CT House Buy LLC. We’ll go over and understand your situation, explain what we do, and propose some alternative options. You could potentially sell your home for cash more quickly than you imagine.


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How to Sell Your House in Connecticut During the Holidays?

Posted by Jose Imery // April 18, 2018

sell your house in Connecticut during the holidays

It is a safe assumption that Spring & Summer are the best times to sell a house. Most people sell their homes during March-July and statistics prove that. Experts believe that people buy because of the school-going season and because of the warm weather conditions. However, it does not mean that no one buys in […]

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How to Sell a House that Needs Work in Easton CT?

Posted by Jose Imery // April 11, 2018

How to Sell a House that Needs Work in Easton CT

How do you sell a house that needs extensive work? You only have two options. You can repair the property or sell it as-is. Many times, sellers spend too much money on home renovation. They spend extravagantly on repairs that will never pay off at the time of sale. On the other hand, it is […]

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Tax Tips for Selling Your Orange CT House

Posted by Jose Imery // April 4, 2018

Tax tips for selling your orange ct house

You get tax-benefits when you are selling your primary residence, and it is essential to know when & how can you get those tax breaks.   Tax Tips for Selling Your Orange CT House Capital Gains Tax Exemption You pay this deduction only if the sales value of your property exceeds $250,000 or $500,000 if […]

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“It was my pleasure to work with José Imery and his CT House Buy Company when I was in the need to sell my property under some unique circumstances..."

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