Increase The Value Of Your Home While Staying On Budget

Sell my house fast for market value in Shelton – Are you planning to sell your house? Then you must be looking for inexpensive and quick ways to boost the value of your home. This article talks about several ideas to increase value of your home while staying on a budget.

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Improvements that increase value of your home

Todays’ customers get their inspiration from InstagramPinterest, and other social media channels. When coming to your house, they are expecting a breathtaking experience. They want to fall in love with your home. In fact, you can make them fall for your house. sell my house fast for market value in Woodbridge CT, you do not even have to go beyond your budget. Most of the ideas listed here cost less than $150, but they can transform the entire look of your house.

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Small Fixture Updates

Buyers love the detail and little finishing touches in your house. It is essential that you take a detailed look at your home and note down sections that can benefit from repairs.

Think about leaky faucets, stains on the floor and walls, overgrown yard bushes, outdated plug outlets, loose tiles, missing doorknobs and non-functional electric bulbs. Sell my house fast for market value in Oxford CT, when you are living in the same house for years, you do not notice the small things that are demanding your attention.

It is time to view your house from a different perspective and make all those small repairs that can make a big difference.

Sell my house fast for market value

Re-glaze Your Bath Tub

Open the curtains. What do you see? Is it an old bathtub which has lost its shine and glamor?

You can bring back the glamor by re-glazing the tub. Just need to spend a few dollars. You can do it yourself or call a professional to handle this task for you. After the process is complete, the bathtub will start shining like a new one.

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A Fresh Entryway

First impressions last forever. After the curb appeal, the entryway is the first thing, a buyer observes about your house. Leading the buyer towards your home is essential. You can create an inexpensive pathway with faux stone panels. LED lights and colorful plants can also be used to create an entryway.

Pay attention to the yard and make sure it is clean and clutter-free.

Doors and windows also play an important role. Paint the doors and windows. Replacing the door lock and window screens might be necessary. You can also invest in window beds to make windows more beautiful. Paint the windows in a neutral shade that complements the flower scheme in your lawn.

The door should be painted in a distinctive color that invites the buyers to come inside.

Kitchen Hardware and Polish

The kitchen is the most important room in a house. Storage capacity, ease of use, quality appliances, and style matter a lot here. Kitchen renovation can cost you thousands, but we want to focus on minor improvements.

Do not replace your cabinets and drawers. Stain clean the cabinet doors and re-polish them in a neutral shade. Replacing the kitchen hardware also does a great job. Change the faucets, stain clean the sink, change water pipes, replace all the knobs, buy a new fruit basket, change the kitchen towels and do not forget to paint the walls.

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Floor Makeover

When walking into our home, we do not pay much attention to the floor. However, appraisers and buyers will notice, how well you have taken care of the property. Sell my house fast for market value in Trumbull CT, the floor type does not matter but, we must clean, repair and polish the entire surface before buyers come to visit our house.

Hardwood floors require regular cleaning. After a good sanding, you can use a high-quality polish to bring back the shine in the floor. Carpeted flooring will need, in most cases, professional cleaning. As for tiling, a good scrub should be enough to remove the dirt that was accumulated because of years of use. You may need the help of a professional to clean outdated tiles.

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Update Your Bathroom

An outdated bathroom can significantly reduce the value of your house although it just takes a few hundred dollars to update this area.

Just like the kitchen, we need to focus on minor repairs. Update the cabinetry. Repaint the walls. Buyers love extra storage. If space is available, install a new storage cabinet. Repair leaky faucets and showerhead. If your toilet is outdated, you should replace it with a new one.

Installing granite countertops also adds a glamorous touch. New countertops are expensive, but if you are updating a small bath, then you can use new countertops without exceeding your budget.

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