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When life deals you a complicated hand, you need someone you can trust to make sense of it all. CT House Buy LLC was founded with the mission to improve the lives of everyone we work with, as well as to revitalize the communities in which we purchase and renovate our properties.

If you need to sell a home as is and don’t want to go through the hassle of waiting months for your property to sell, we can step in and make the entire process a whole lot faster. And even if you don’t choose to work with us, we’ll still focus on finding a solution that works for your situation. We don’t charge any fees. Everything we do comes at no cost to you. We’re here to help.

We do things differently. We’re not like other investors who may mislead you or try to take advantage of you. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible outcome, which is why so many of our past customers, realty and contracting partners, and fellow community members have expressed their thanks. – Click here to see what some of our past customers have to say

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Connecticut. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call (203) 826-2629...
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At CT House Buy LLC, we follow a 4 step process to buy your home.

  • It begins by you giving us a call or completing the form on this page. We will need the details of the property to be able to get started.
  • We’ll call you back and coordinate a time to visit your home. On the scheduled day, we will meet and together we will walk through the property.
  • Once we complete our walk-through, we will take all our notes and run the numbers. Within 24 hours, we will be able to give you a cash price offer for your home.
  • Afterward, we will let you know and call you to coordinate a time to meet and run through the numbers together.  In the end, we will present you a few ways on how we can buy your house which will include an all CASH OFFER.

Having the correct knowledge is essential to carry out any mission. We have invested a great deal of time, energy and capital investment into our real estate education, attending some of the nation’s premier real estate investing education programs available. When we analyze any property, we follow a strict due diligence process. The knowledge together with our systems in place allows us to make the best possible offer.

The same way as any other reputable rehabber does,  our offers are based on these few factors:

  • After Repair Value of the House
  • Cost of Repairs & Renovations
  • Holding & Selling costs
  • Reasonable Return

The After Repair Value estimates the future value of a property after it’s been renovated. ARV is not a property’s current value when purchased but rather the estimated value of the property once improvements are made. We establish ARV based on a Comparable Market Analysis using the following criteria:

  • The average of recent closed rehabbed/renovated Comps,
  • 6 month and newer
  • within 20% of the sq footage of the subject property
  • within 10 years of age
  • and similar features – style, pool, garage count, lot features, etc.

The Repair Estimate is a detailed estimate of what the Repairs and/or Renovations will be. It is compiled during the walk-through of the house and checking off the items on our list. The more accurate the repair estimate is, the more opportunity it gives us to make you a higher offer. What sets us apart, is the fact that we do take the time to meet with you and walk through the property and once we are done, we take all that information back and run the numbers. We do not throw out numbers for the sake of giving you an offer. 

Holding and Selling Costs, As soon as we sign the purchase and sale agreement, we start incurring expenses. The first one is the deposit, then the attorneys, then the title search, municipal search, title insurance, etc. After we close, we begin paying for taxes, builders insurance, utilities, site amenities, etc. Once we complete the renovations and it comes time to sell the home, we list the renovated property with a real estate agent. His commission is typically included in the closing costs. All of these expenses combined become our Holding and Selling Costs.

Reasonable Return, After investing a significant amount of time, effort, and capital; and while carrying the inherited risk of a renovation, we believe it’s reasonable to hope for a fair return. Each property is unique. Whether its location, condition, amount of work, or situational variables, we make sure it is all accounted for in our assessment. Each property is individually analyzed to compensate for these factors so when the property is sold, we project approximately 11% return on our investment.

I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with Jose for a few years and I would highly recommend doing business with him. Besides his nice personality, he is a very committed and talented professional, who is constantly paying attention to every little detail – Ana Rocha

If you are considering to sell your home, we will like to discuss with you how we can buy your property quickly, with no hassles at a fair price.  We purchase the property directly from you, so there are no real estate commissions or extra fees coming out of your pocket.  We always make cash offers, so you never have to worry about delays resulting from a buyer trying to qualify for a mortgage and wasting your valuable time. Furthermore, we purchase in “as is” condition. No cleaning, repairs, or removal of unwanted personal property, giving you relief from monthly expenses related to the property immediately.

Give Us a Call! (203) 826-2629

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