Mold Abatement Assistance In CT

Selling a house as-is with mold The mold can grow anywhere. It can be inside your home, beneath the walls, or inside the attic. You can sense the presence of mold by its smell. Water damage is probably the most common reason for mold growth. Usually, mold starts developing 24 hours after the environment becomes … Continued

Reverse Mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit

A reverse mortgage, Home Equity Loan or the Equity Line of Credit allow you to cash in the equity in your home. You can use the capital to pay for medical expenses, unexpected costs or for day to day expenses. The reverse mortgage is specially reserved for people aged 62. Usually, consumers approaching retirement consider … Continued

Tips For Selling Your Out-Of-State Rental Property

Tips For Selling Your Out-Of-State Rental Property

Are You an Out of State Landlord? Managing rental properties while being away is a tough challenge. The surprising factor is that we don’t choose to become an out-of-state landlord unless the scope for making a profit is significantly high. It would be better if the property is in the town and you can make visits … Continued

Tips For Planning Home Remodeling/Rehabbing Schedule

Turning a distressed property into a beautiful home improves housing communities. When an abandoned or deteriorated homes keep sitting on the neighborhood, it reduces the selling price of nearby homes. However, when the same home gets put on the market with a new makeover, new systems, and modern facilities; it creates an increase in price … Continued

Do’s And Don’ts Of Home Rehabbing & Flipping

The area, neighborhood and existing condition of the property will dictate if you should approach your next project as a flip–clean the property, make needed cosmetic repairs, refresh the appearance and put the home back on the market OR do a full rehab—replacing the infrastructure of the house such as furnace, boiler, plumbing, electrical panel and electric … Continued

5 Principles of Home Rehabbing

When planning a rehab project, most investors think about the profit margin but most never give any serious thought to the downside. What is your exit strategy? How do you manage to sell a property that is sitting on the market for weeks? What happens, when you suddenly realize that a house requires more work … Continued

What Is The Difference Between Home Rehabbing And Flipping?

Flipping, renovating and remodeling… these three terms are often used interchangeably although each process is significantly different. Prospective buyers should be aware of the differences, especially when buying an old home that was renovated. If you are buying an old house that looks like it had been renovated, you should inspect the home in detail. … Continued

How to Sell an Expired Listing

How to Sell an Expired Listing?

    Disappointment and frustration are what we experience after we put a home for sale, and it does not sell. The expired listing is telling us that nobody showed interested in the property.   Reasons Your Home Didn’t Sell Before the Listing Expired The home was priced well-above the Fair-Market-Value of the property. It is … Continued

Selling An Inherited Property Without A Will

It is called ‘dying intestate’ when a person leaves the physical world without a will. In the presence of a valid will, you can distribute the leftover estate as per the desire of the deceased person. However, what happens when there are no guidelines? You do not know how the deceased person wanted to distribute … Continued

Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Vacant Property

Selling a vacant house is difficult for two reasons. First, the customers question why your home is unoccupied. Second, people are interested in purchasing a lifestyle. They are not looking for an empty house! When looking for a new house, most people will directly skip the vacant homes. Pictures of an empty home are not … Continued

Tips For Selling An Inherited Property In Fairfield CT

  There are difficult decisions to be made when you inherit a house. On one side of the coin, you must deal with the emotional loss. On the other hand, you must gather yourself and get ready to deal with financial & legal matters associated with the inherited property. This article will be your guide … Continued

How To Sell A Water Damaged House?

Time heals all wounds. That statement works in most situations but not when you are living in a house. Neglecting a section of a home or even forgetting about a minor problem can create significant problems. Whether you notice small cracks or mold growth, it is critical to act quickly. Solve the issue because any … Continued

Moving Out Of State: How To Sell Your Current Residence?

How to sell your home and move out of state? Selling a home is a challenge. Add the task of moving to a new state, and you see that the complication level increases. The chances are that your move is initiated because of a job change. That career change will require you to re-adjust to a … Continued

Critical Things To Know About Short Sales

There were more than 5.5 million foreclosures after the recession of 2008. After the recession, we saw many homeowners turning to the bank for a short sale. The situation is improving. Last year, more than 675,000 homeowners in the US, gained equity in their homes which is a sign of improvement. Although short sales are … Continued