5 Tips You Can Use To Sell Your Online Property Listing Pop in Connecticut

When you list your Connecticut property online, you will be competing against a host of listings for similar properties. And with today’s digitally savvy buyers, you just have to figure out a way to stand out. On top of that, you only have a couple of sentences to get the job done. But if you have it correctly, a compelling, captivating listing will really appeal to prospective buyers. So here are six tips that you can use in Connecticut to pop up your listing of online assets.

1. Simplicity Is Golden

You need to keep it short and sweet, without a lot of fluff getting to the point right away, if you really want to make your online property listing pop in Connecticut. Tens or hundreds of listings and photos of even more listings are going to be looked at by buyers. But do not bother them with too many needless details.

Keep in mind that the real goal of your online property listing is to “get the buyer to make an appointment, not to sell the estate.” You want to have the right amount of detail that draws the buyer’s interest. Then, they are more likely to make an appointment for home-seeing. That’s when the actual selling begins.

Sell Your Online Property

2. Use Great Photos

You need to have loads, and they need to be awesome, even if you’re not allowed to use too many photo listings. Absolutely nothing makes a listing pop like top-notch pictures and stands out from the competition.

A research conducted by a Florida International University Hollo School of Real Estate professor found that adding an interior photo to a listing would increase the sale price by 3.9 percent and adding an external shot bumps up the selling price by 1.9 percent with respect to top-notch photos in an online listing of properties.

But you need to begin your listing off with a “wow” shot to get attention right out of the gate. “This is usually achieved by shooting with a wide-angle lens in the corner of a room.”

Of course, you can take these pictures yourself, but by hiring a skilled photographer, sellers typically get better results. Contact your Connecticut agent at (203) 826-2629 if you’re not sure where to start looking for one.

3. Tell a Story

You’ve no doubt heard the old writing advice: show-don’t say. And that advice especially applies to the specific form of copywriting necessary for an online listing.

You should not just rely on insipid adjectives such as “excellent” and “breathtaking” and “top-of-the-line.” Nope, your Connecticut property will have to be presented so that buyers can see and believe that those adjectives are really applicable.

“Your goal in the listing of your online property should be” take the reader on a property virtual tour, pointing out features specifically to set the scene. When they look out the windows, what will the reader see? Where’re they going to relax? In the backyard, what are they going to do? With your words, paint the image. To do more than repeat the listing information, use your title. Speak about the history of the home, recent renovations, and nearby amenities and attractions, instead.

And this is where invaluable assistance can be given by a good agent. Your agent will help you compose a summary of the list that really tells a convincing story.

4. Avoid Turn-Off Words and Phrases

But you still need to make sure that any words or phrases that scare customers away are not used. This usually means something that would make them suspicious and conclude that your property is wrong with something.

In your online property listing, below are some of the turn-off terms and sentences to be avoided:

  • Clean
  • Must sell
  • Recently painted
  • Great value
  • Sold as-is

Bear in mind that consumers scour listings for a reason not to purchase, looking closely. So don’t send one to them.

5. Try to Be Unique

And, of course, by being special, but not in a jarring, off-putting way, you can make your listing pop up. Only make sure that your listing stands out from everyone else.

The first item to make nearly right is the headline, as in any piece of copywriting. It needs to be arresting and convincing so that it is simply difficult for a customer to keep reading. But make sure to stop spammy headlines with click-baity.

“Then (as we mentioned above) try to make the body of your online property listing more of a narrative than a mere list of characteristics, set the stage and allow the property to be the star, such as this:” Prepare to be swept away in this lakeside cottage by the panoramic views. With a good novel, you can curl up beside the fireplace, or just watch the sunset over the lake through the full-length windows. In the freshly remodeled kitchen, you’ll enjoy cooking or enjoying a light snack in the evenings at the hardwood counter.

You will totally make your listing pop with these strategies, so that it stands above the competitive listings for similar assets. But it does need some specialized skills. Contact us today at (203) 826-2629 to make your online property listing pop in Connecticut.

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