Top Ideas To Sell Your Property Fast In Fairfield CT

Top Ideas To Sell Your Property Fast In Fairfield
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Selling a home can be a frustrating yet exciting experience. You have a lot to do before you list the house for sale. From making repairs to hiring an agent, you will be involved with various things. Even after everything is done, it can take 45-90 days to sell a house.

If you cannot wait for months or are too excited to sell your house then get ready to implement these tips to Sell Your Home Fast in Fairfield CT. 

There are ways and methods to sell your property fast in any market. This article shares simple tips and ideas that you can implement to arrange a quick sale of your house.

How to Sell Your House Fast in Fairfield CT?

A house sells for two proven reasons.

  1. Great Pricing
  2. Excellent Features

Competitive pricing is the key to selling a house. Overpriced homes may draw attention, but a house requires long-term financial commitment. People are not willing to pay $30k above the market value. Setting the right price from Day1 is essential. You can always reduce the rate but reducing the listing price gives the impression that something is wrong with the property. If you lower your price once, the buyers may negotiate to get an even lower price.

On the other side, right pricing can get you offers that will pay more than the listing price.

Tips for Selling Your Property Fast in Fairfield CT


Improve the Exterior (Curb Appeal)

All model houses have one thing in common, “beautiful exterior.” The layout of the house flows smoothly. Everything is clean, and the curb appeal invites you to explore the property to increase home value.

It does not cost thousands to enhance the curb appeal. A well-mowed lawn, proper landscaping, a fresh coat of paint, new mailbox, painted fence, and a welcome sign are the critical elements of a beautiful curb appeal.

Upgrade the Property

We do not recommend spending thousands on upgrading your property. A kitchen renovation project may cost you $15,000, but the resale value of this kitchen might be $8,000.

First, tackle the areas that need repairs.

Leaky faucets, water damage, termite issues, wall cracks, outdated heating systems and roof problems are considered serious problems. You must address these problems before listing the house for sale. The buyer can cancel the contract if these problems show up on the inspection report.

It pays to take an objective look at your house or ask a professional to do it. After living in that place for years, it can become a challenge to look for flaws in your house. Sometimes, you are just finding too many things that are wrong with the house. You need to sell the home from the eye of a new visitor and then decide which repairs are necessary.

Design & Stage Your House

First of all, rent a garage or a storage area to keep your possessions. Declutter the entire area so you can improve the layout and structure.

Paint each room in a neutral shade. Design your kitchen. Invest in new cushions, fresh towels, new lighting system, and do not forget to purchase stylish curtains. Fancy faucets, new switchboards, and carefully placed decoration pieces can bring an impressive change.

Lights are Good for Your House

  • A good lighting system is mostly ignored, but it can sell your house fast.
  • Experts recommend installing LED bulbs in closets and cabinets. Bright lights create more visual space in your house and will highlight the hidden features of your home.

High Quality Featured Images

Now your property is ready for a photography session. 80% people search online for their dream home. More than 50% consumers use their phone to view property pictures. Therefore, it is crucial that you hire a pro to take high-quality photos of your house.

You will publish these pictures on the MLS, social media, listing sites and Craigslist. By putting out excellent quality images, you are making sure that no stone has been left unturned.

Note: Your dual-lens phone camera is not the most efficient photography tool. You need a real estate photographer who can change the game for you or you can learn it here.

Choose a Good Time to Sell

National trends show that spring is the best time to sell a house. Local market conditions will help you determine the right timing. Interest rates, housing inventory, weather conditions and politics play their part. Consult a local real estate expert to choose the best time to sell your property in Connecticut.

Be Flexible About Open House Events

Open house events are held to market the house to potential buyers. Choose a good time and be available most of the time. A flexible schedule gives more freedom to buyers, and more people can visit your house.

Do Not Ignore the Potential of Digital Marketing

Real estate agents have dedicated systems to generate leads online. However, if you are selling by owner or your agent does not use social media then you must create your digital marketing plan. Internet marketing is the most affordable yet effective tool to promote your open house. You can display the photos, videos and every feature of your property.

It is easy to create a website, and you can leverage your social media channels. Do not forget the major online listings such as Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin.

Market the Lifestyle Your House Has to Offer

You are not selling a property; you are selling a dream. Involving this concept in your marketing plans is crucial. Do not simply promote the house. Talk about the neighborhood, quality education, friendly neighbors and everything that attracts you towards this place.

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