Tips For Hiring A Moving Company In Connecticut

Tips For Hiring A Moving Company
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You don’t find the best moving companies in Connecticut by doing a simple Google search. The reason is obvious. You have to trust the company with your precious belongings. You need to find a trustworthy partner, a reputable mover who knows his job and for this purpose, you want to look beyond online searches.

Connecticut is a diverse and beautiful place. You might want to move within the state, or perhaps you are coming from a different state. Whether you’re travelling a long-distance or not, it is essential to hire a quality moving company. Sometimes, you need to move fast either because of a job or lifestyle change. During such moments, it pays to have a trustworthy company as your moving partner.  You can contact your circle of friends or us to get moving company references.

Here are a few tips to help you hire a moving company in Connecticut.

Ask for the Moving Company’s License

The Bureau of public transportation regulates the operation of moving companies in Connecticut. If you’re experiencing issues that the moving company won’t resolve, you can send your complaint to the Bureau of public transportation.

Before you choose a moving company, it is critical to see whether they have the relevant license. Are they listed among the licensed moving companies in Connecticut? Check the database of the US Department of Transportation and see whether the specific moving company is registered or not.

Check the Insurance Plan Coverage

Although most moving projects end without trouble, still, it pays to have an insurance plan in place. Your mover will be using a general policy, but it won’t be enough if you experience loss. Here is why:

The default insurance plan is “alternate liability”. Under this coverage, the mover will pay you 60 cents/pound for the lost/damaged item. That means, if you lose your expensive watch on the way, the moving company might be liable for $0.6. If you find that the antique basin is broken, the mover will only pay $0.6 for the per pound weight. This doesn’t cover your loss. You don’t pay any extra fee for the alternate liability plan.

The second option is to get full replacement protection. Your insurance company can provide this service. The moving company can also get you this insurance plan. There is an extra fee/premium you’ll need to pay. However, under this plan, your items are fully protected, and you’ll get the full replacement value in case your items are lost or damaged.

Taking Care of Fragile Household Items

The mover will take a look at the inventory before giving you a quote. It is compulsory that someone from the company visits your place and creates a list of all items that need to be moved.

Every household has fragile or expensive items that require extra care while moving. Your moving company should advise you regarding this. How do they plan to move fragile items? Do they have the workforce to move heavy furniture? How do they suggest to pack those items? Will they manage the packing job?

Examples of fragile items include business equipment, computers, antiques, chinaware, paintings, sculptures, precious stones and jewellery etc. Before hiring a moving company, ensure that you have discussed the transfer of these items.

Calculating the Moving Truck Rental Rates

Best movers in Connecticut give you a reasonable price quote that doesn’t involve hidden/extra charges. Generally speaking, movers in Connecticut offer three types of contracts:

Non-binding estimate: This type of arrangement allows the mover to charge more than the stated price. 10% more is the limit in this case.

Non-binding to exceed estimate: This agreement states that the mentioned amount is the maximum that will be charged to the customer for the selected service. You’ll pay additional money for extra services you choose.

Binding Estimate: You’ll pay a fee for choosing the binding estimate. However, after selecting this option, you’ll only spend the discussed money even if you avail other/extra services of the moving company.

Depending on the number of fragile items, the length of the move, and the timing of the year; you can decide which estimate works best for you. Make sure to ask the moving company about the costs and the difference of each plan. If you need help with finding the best movers in Connecticut, please contact us. Our team will send you recommendations to help you find a quality mover. 

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