Selling Your House Without An Agent In Monroe CT

Selling Your House Without An Agent In Monroe
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Selling your house without an agent in Monroe CT is a viable option. You can sell your home yourself. In that case, you must be ready to tackle the entire selling process. Be prepared to invest considerable time, energy and effort into the process. The other option is to hire a realtor, but that choice costs you 6% realtor commissions. For a house, worth $200,000; the realtor commissions can become $12,000.

Which option should you choose? No one can provide the answer without studying your situation. Are you trying to sell your house fast in a competitive market? Do you believe a realtor can sell your home at a higher price at the retail market? Have you found a trustworthy agent who will manage the entire transaction on your behalf? Can you wait for 3-6 months to sell your house?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then hiring an agent is a good option. There is a reason real estate agents charge their commissions. They have the necessary experience and training to make selling a smooth experience for you.

Selling Your House Without an Agent in Monroe CT

You do not have to sell your house without an agent in Monroe CT. Similarly, you do not have to Sell Your House By Owner. Today, homeowners have various options. You can hire a realtor without paying the full cost. We are talking about limited broker services, marketing campaigns, and online advertising. Here are some tips if you are selling your house without an agent in Monroe CT.

Accurately Price Your House

There is no reason to underprice your home just because you are selling by owner. On the same note, an overpriced property won’t sell no matter how hard you try. The first step is to get an accurate price estimate for your property.

Consider Online Calculators:

Online calculators do not always provide accurate estimates, and we do not recommend relying on one source. Here are a few options you should check out:

  • Zillow: It gives you a price estimate based on its Zestimates and the location of your house.
  • Trulia: You can check out the selling price of comparable homes in your area.
  • Property Tax Records: They also give you access to the selling price of nearby homes in your neighborhood.
  • FHFA’s House Price Calculator: It is a unique calculator. It projects your home price if appreciated after you bought that house.

When still in doubt, consider hiring a professional appraiser.

Market Your Property

Once you know the market value of your property, you can start advertising it. Again, online marketing is the first thing you should consider.

In just $100/year, you can market your home on It is a ‘For Sale by Owner’ website and will help you reach potential buyers.

For free, you can list your property on major portals such as Zillow, and Trulia. Just by registering the house on Zillow, you can rest assured that your property description will be published on hundred other relevant websites.

It is also crucial to advertise your home on the Multi-Listing Service. You do not get direct access to this platform. You will need to purchase a marketing package through websites such as,, and It costs $400/year.

Write a Killer Property Description

The home description is your first interaction with potential buyers. Ensure that it includes all the necessary information. Describe the condition of the house. Write the number of rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. How is the kitchen? What is the layout of the house?

You should also disclose any problems with the property.

At this stage, it is also critical to publish eye-catching photos of your house. A description without pictures cannot generate interest or views. Furthermore, let me tell you that your phone camera is not enough for capturing the beauty of your house. You need to invest in a professional real estate photography service.

Limited Broker Services

Like mentioned earlier, if you need assistance, you can hire a realtor. If you need help with price negotiation, you can hire an agent who will negotiate price and other details of your house in less than $700. If you need a contract review, an agent can help you at a fixed rate of $200-$300.

Similarly, when you need help with legal matters, you can work with an attorney. Most of the time, we recommend working with a real estate attorney. An experienced lawyer can review contract details and payment terms to ensure that you stay safe during the entire selling process.

Find a Reputable Cash Buyer in Your Area

The problem with FSBO deals is that you might still have to pay commission to the buyer’s agent. Buyers hire a realtor because they do not have to pay the commission. As the seller, you must pay the buyer’s representative. That means you cannot entirely avoid this extra cost.

In that case, you can consider selling your house to a reputable cash buying firm in Monroe CT. You will not pay any commissions or closing costs. You also do not have to spend money on marketing packages or limited services. In fact, you do not have even have to repair the house. You can sell your home as-is for a cash price within 2 weeks.

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