How to Sell a Termite Damaged Property in Fairfield, bridgeport CT, New haven CT, West haven ?

How to Sell a Termite Damaged Property in Fairfield, bridgeport CT, New haven CT, West haven ? Termites, the tiny little creatures can extensively damage a house. The damage often becomes visible when the problem has already become severe.

Termites rely on wood, therefore, when in large number, termites can shake the structure of your house. What’s more is that these tiny creatures can move through plaster, metal, and so on. So, even if your home is not made of wood, you’ll have wooden items in the house that can become the victim of termites.

For the reasons, mentioned above, termites’ infestation is a huge red flag for the buyer. This article guides you about selling a termite damaged property in Fairfield, bridgeport CT, New haven CT, West haven.

Types of Household Termites in the US

The world is full of amazing yet dangerous creatures. Termites are one of them. Their feeding behavior and the colonial system is considered helpful for the ecosystem, but the same feature can destroy a house. Termites build their network and start eating wood from inside out. That’s why when the maze structure becomes visible, the structure of the house has already been destroyed.

In the US alone, you can find around 45 termite species, but they have been classified into the following three categories:

  • Subterranean
  • Drywood
  • Dampwood

Each kind has its unique behavior and disadvantages. Which one is the most dangerous?

For the answer, we can’t pick one because when it comes to selling a house, any termite will be seen as a negative sign and you must do something about it.

Advice for Selling a Termite Damaged House

It’s best not to sell a house with termite. Deal with the problem earlier. Get the issue fixed and then consider listing your home for sale. When you feel that your home has a termite infestation, get in touch with a pest control expert and invite an inspector. Get your Fairfield, bridgeport CT, New haven CT, West haven property thoroughly inspected by an experienced professional. It’s essential to check areas that are not easily accessible to you.

Once the inspection process is complete, you can call expert contractors who will guide you further. The contractors will give you a time & cost estimate to clean your house. Now it depends on the cost. Should you sell your home as-is with termite or consider fixing the issue before selling the Fairfield, bridgeport CT, New haven CT, West haven property?

A good rule of thumb is to look at the price. If you can afford to make the repairs, go ahead because after repairing the Fairfield, bridgeport CT, New haven CT, West haven property you can sell it in the retail market, for a reasonable price. However, if your home requires extensive repairs and full-scale remodeling, then it is probably best to sell your home as-is and invest your funds in another property. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Tips for Selling a Termite Damaged Property in Fairfield, bridgeport CT, New haven CT, West haven

Disclose the facts:

The law requires you to disclose any flaws with the Fairfield, bridgeport CT, New haven CT, West haven property. You must state that your home has/had termite problems and whether you dealt with the issue. Hiding the facts can result in legal action.

Get a transferable warranty:

Termites can eat your home from inside out. It is essential to solve the problem and also prevent it from happening again. Whenever you consider hiring a termite removal expert, ask them whether you can get a transferrable work warranty. Work with licensed contractors. That way at the selling time, you can forward the warranty to the new home buyer. Your buyer will be protected even if the termite-problem appears again.

Selling As-is Vs. Selling a Repaired House

The big question is whether repairing the house is a good step or not. The answer varies from situation to situation. Consider the cost of repairs, the time required to make those repairs and whether you feel confident about the process. If you believe you can get the termite efficiently removed from the site, then repair the house and relist your property.

The answer also depends on the timing. Did you find the issue before you listed the house? Or did your buyer discover it?

If the buyer’s inspector has found the issue, then you are either required to repair the property or reduce the price. You can do a price analysis to see which option is better.

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