Listing a Property on MLS Vs Selling to an Investor

When selling a house, most people think of listing a house with an agent. Some of us, choose to sell a house by owner. Very few think of selling a home to an investor.  Like any other decision in life, you have to select the best path. When selling a house, you have to write down your objectives and then decide which way is best for you. This article will do a comparison of selling methods, i.e., selling your home with an agent vs. selling house as-is to an investor.

What are the Pros and Cons of Selling Home to an Investor?

A real estate investor can buy your home as-is for a cash price. Real estate investors offer creative, out-of-box solutions that are helpful even when the traditional selling approach is not working for you.

Flexible Payment Choices

A hardworking investor will understand your situation and will then provide a payment method that works for you. Certified funds, schedule payments, and even assumption of the mortgage payments are a few methods. Depending on your situation, you can ask the investor for an appropriate payment choice. Almost, all the time, investors are willing to pay cash for your house. If you need a quick, an all-cash offer for your house, then contact an investor to initiate a quick sale of your home.

Selling House As-is

Real estate redevelopers purchase homes that are in need of repairs. They would like to repair and stage the house themselves. As a seller, that means, you don’t have to worry about repairs or staging. You can sell your home as-is.

You Can Sell Your House Fast

Investors offer quick closings. Investors can bypass the selling timeline because there are no financial or inspection contingencies involved. They are not relying on the bank for mortgage approval. They have the funds ready, and the inspection process is complete, so it’s possible to complete the sale of your home within ten days.

Timing is Flexible

Investors can work according to your timeline. You can close the deal when you are ready to sell the home.

Selling for a fair price

Most people believe that the single disadvantage of selling your home to an investor is that you don’t get the highest price for your property. Investors are assuming a risk by purchasing the house as-is. Like any other business, they have bills to pay. Furthermore, they also have to pay for closing costs, repairs, commissions, holding expenses, and taxes. They pay a fair price for your house.

You can contact a reputable investment company in your area and get the all-cash offer. Review the offer. When you accept an all-cash offer, you don’t have to pay for closing costs, repairs, or commissions.  Click here to see how cash price offers are calculated for your property.

Listing Your Home with An Agent

The goal of listing your home with an agent is to sell your home for a high price. Realtors offer years of expertise. They’ll update you regarding market situations. The best part of listing your home with an agent is that your home is listed on MLS.

MLS is the most popular real estate listing site. By listing your home on the MLS, you are marketing your property to other agents, and investors. The downside is that you have to pay for this service which involves commissions. Commissions can be in the range of 5%-6% of the sales price. If your home is in good condition, you’re willing to make repairs, and you can wait for a few months then, by all means, list your home with an agent. Contact an experienced realtor. If you need suggestions, give us a call, and we can send you recommendations. However, in some situations, it is not best to list your home on the MLS.

Real estate agents are not direct buyers. They can suggest repairs, remodeling plans. They can market your property, but they can’t guarantee a quick sale of the house. Furthermore, some homes can’t sell in the retail market. These types of properties include structurally destroyed homes, fire damaged homes and abandoned properties. Such homes don’t find a share in the retail market and if you’re selling such homes, save your time, and contact a reputable investor in your area. An investor can buy your home quickly for a fair cash price.



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