Get Rid of the Property: How to Sell Your House Fast?

Get Rid of the Property How to Sell Your House Fast
Why hold to the house any longer

Get Rid of the Property: Sell Your House Fast

You are planning to sell the house without delay. You are anxious, and you do not know where to start. Maybe you just got a new mortgage bill indicating that your interest rates have increased because of the adjustable rate plan. Or perhaps, you have moved to a new job, you cannot afford to make the mortgage payment, or you just do not want to keep the house. In any case, it is possible to sell your home fast. First, let’s discuss some of the common mistakes homeowners make when trying to sell their house fast.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your House Fast

Reducing Price Again and Again

What happens is that you put your house for sale and you do not get any response in the first week. You think about reducing the price and asking amount goes down by 5%. After a week or so of not getting positive results, you again drop your price by 5%. Do it one more time and you start getting low ball offers. The problem is that consistent changes won’t ever get you the right price for your house. Your home has been sitting on the market for weeks and people now believe that something must be wrong with your property. Basically reducing the price again & again of a house might be a mistake.

The right approach is to start with a lower price. Get an estimate for the Fair Market Value of your house, subtract 10% and list your house for sale. A newly listed property at a lower price will attract attention and gives you higher chances of getting multiple real estate offers.

Working with the Wrong Realtor

Working with the wrong broker is a sure way to fail in the process. Successful brokers manage 90% real estate transactions in a market. Thus, they understand the local market and what makes a house sell fast. When searching for a realtor, do not just settle for recommendations from friends. Look at the previous records, expertise, skill, enthusiasm and verified reviews before signing the contract.

Waiting to Sell the House

So, are you planning to wait a little longer? Guess what? There are thousands of sellers waiting to see if the market takes a shift and whether their house will sell at a higher price. This assumption might be correct but delaying the sale also has a cost. Keeping the house is an expensive option. There is a security risk if you have moved out of the house. Furthermore, a slight increase in mortgage rate can make it difficult to command a higher price for your home. It is better to sell the housenow than later.

Presenting a Cluttered House

We do not sell a car without cleaning it first. Then when it comes to selling a house, why do we hesitate to remove the clutter? It is tough to do the cleaning and packing when you have been living in the house for several years. You are accustomed to living there, but the buyers do not want to purchase a cluttered home.

They are interested in purchasing a clean and organized home. According to NAR, 95% of staged houses sell in less than 11 days. You do not have to hire a stagger. A fresh coat of paint, nicely arranged furniture, and a good lighting system will do the job for you.

Waiting Too Long to Accept Bids

There is no rule saying that you should accept the first offer, however, do read it carefully. Passing the offers means you are missing an opportunity to sell your house. It may seem tempting to wait and see whether more offers are coming but do not wait too long.

More often, sellers make this mistake, and they realize it after offers have dried up.

How to Sell Your House Fast in CT?

Focus on Digital Marketing

More than 87% people search for their house online. Publishing attention-grabbing photos are the only way to impress prospective buyers. Hire a photographer. If you cannot afford the service fee, consider renting or buying a wide-lens camera that can capture a complete view of your house. De-clutter and stage your home before taking photos.

Digital marketing involves various other channels. Youtube advertising allows you to reach an audience looking to buy a house in your area. You can create virtual tours of your house. Similarly, online listings sites such as Zillow and Trulia are great ways to market your home. Craigslist and eBay are two other good choices. For more ideas, read this blog post. 

These tips will help you prepare your house for selling. However, if all of this sounds like a hassle and you want a sure way to sell your home fast, then click here. Connect with a reputable cash buying company in CT and sell your house for a cash price within 10-14 days.


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