12 Ways To Generate Leads in the Real Estate Market

How You Can Generate Leads in the Real Estate Market

How and where can investors, realtors and other industry players generate additional leads for selling, buying and leasing real estate? What are the common pitfalls and advantages of property lead generation options today?

These are twelve ways that property investors and realtors can attract more sales leads Keep reading for an overview of Real Estate Lead Generation 101:

Direct Mailing

Some well known real estate experts say that direct mailing is the quickest and simplest method of generating more leads. It is still extremely effective. Actually, as other people have focused on Internet advertising, direct mailing has become more profitable, due to the lower competition. Nonetheless, success with direct mailing does depend on testing and volume to home delivery and messaging.

Cold Calls

Large-scale cold calls, via the use of call centers, for example: may face obstacles – with modern regulations – however, it is still proven to produce a good income per hour for many realtors. Just picking up the telephone is one of the quickest ways of connecting with real estate clients. Also, it is one of the most affordable ways of generating leads, and it can allow professionals to keep hitting their sales targets.

Knocking on Doors

Lots of great property listings and deals can be found simply by driving through different streets and knocking on people’s doors. Obviously, this is not always plain sailing, however as far as getting one ahead of the competition goes, it is difficult to beat.

Advertising by Email

Google might have made it harder to connect with clients through their inboxes. however, email is still an excellent way of reaching both a mass audience and highly select groups. You can rent an email list from a data company, instead of buying one. Consequently, property investors and realtors can manage their own email properties and build lists themselves.

Purchasing Online Leads

Purchasing online leads is a popular method with a range of mortgage and property firms. This has been the case since before the previous boom in the housing market. These professionals had their ups and downs, but their results have got better — thanks to improved targeting and data tools. There are different kinds of leads available, such as exclusive live leads, non-exclusive leads and ‘aged’ leads. To increase ROI, do your due diligence and understand precisely what you are receiving, and what the difference is between these categories of consumers.

Purchasing Lists of Leads

Lists of leads have been a feature of the property sector for numerous years. A virtually endless range of criteria can be employed to pinpoint the ideal prospects using these lists. Nonetheless, newer property firms and investors should realize that they might not be legally permitted to have, or advertise to, many of these lists based on how the information was acquired. Look out for junk, and check that lists are not being padded out with fake names.

Blogging About the Property Market

Blogging about real estate is still a profitable and potent form of lead generation, however, it is also highly underestimated. A normal blog can stop real estate firms and professionals from being held to ransom by other sources, and it can carry on generating leads for a long time after articles are published. Blogs are useful for drawing regular online leads, building email lists, and fueling social network engagement.

Social Networks

Although these platforms regularly change, social networks can be an effective way of generating property leads. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are all excellent options. There has been much debate over the correct amount of engagement, calls to action, and how to balance off-site investments with the content produced for a property firm’s own website. However, with a good funnel strategy, this approach is quick, cost-effective and fun.

Signage and Outdoor Property Marketing

Even simple ‘bandit’ and yard signs can be inexpensive methods to produce property leads. With the correct message, these and similar outdoor marketing techniques can be employed to attract a constant flow of local leads. This can be enhanced further by new technology. QR codes, call capture, text messaging solutions, augmented interactive reality signs, and links to virtual reality tours are great for boosting outdoor marketing performance.

Pay Per Click

PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing is one of the most effective ways of consistently and predictably attracting property leads on demand. Pay per click solutions, such as Google Adwords, allow people to attract leads to order. You can tweak this to focus on local consumers, or attract global investors, buyers and property owners in their current location. With a bit of planning, real estate advertisers can lower their PPC expenses substantially. If their budget is big enough, they could even take over and flush out their competitors, by purchasing all leads for a specific keyword. Apart from the large platforms, more cost-effective Internet leads can be acquired by purchasing text, banner and image adverts on other sites directly.

Print Marketing

Do not neglect print publications. Aside from the conventional range of property magazines, think about other industry publications that will be read by the same targeted prospects. You could approach online magazines as well.

Affiliate Advertising and Referrals

Personal referrals are both complimentary, and a valuable type of lead generation at the same time. Shrewd property CEOs are leveraging this with the help of technology, to facilitate referrals on a global and national scale.

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