Benefits When You Sell to Real Estate Investors in Shelton

Benefits When You Sell to Real Estate Investors in Shelton
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Are you planning to sell your home and wondering whether to sell directly to real estate investors or through realtors? Perhaps you have come across many adverts and realtor signs saying “we help you sell your home“. While realtors are undoubtedly capable o helping you sell your property, many people are shifting to real estate investors as the fasted way of selling their homes. Shelton real estate market is evolving very fast and it is becoming increasingly popular that real estate investors or cash buyers are common in the market. But if you are like most sellers, chances are this could be the first time dealing with cash buyers. So, what are the benefits that come with selling your home to investors instead of letting a realtor to list it? This article walks you through some of the reasons why cash buyers are a good alternative when considering of selling your home.

Cash Home Buyers Save You Time

People who have decided to sell their homes always want fast cash to turn their homes into another project altogether. Therefore, someone who buys your home for cash saves you a lot of time. This means that you get to sell your home fast than you possibly could have sold had you listed your property with a realtor. This is because investors buy with a prospect to sell in future, something that realtors don’t do. Instead, realtors list your home with hope that a buyer will come their way to facilitate a sale. How quickly they can find the buyer all depends, but a good strong and constant marketing plan should speed up the process. A reputable cash buyer begins marketing the day it purchases the property that is why typically they sell the property days after the rehab is complete.

Apart from saving you lots of time cash buyers reduce the cost of closing the deal. Buyers who rely on mortgage companies to finance their purchase will certainly take long to complete a transaction and sometimes the financing may not materialize. With cash home buyers, there is no more waiting and you do not have to worry about if the buyer will secure financing or not. Simply put, with a cash home buyer the deal is as good as done! Lending institutions are very keen with appraisals to be sure of the equity in the home before financing it something that cash buyers are not worried about.

The Transactions are Secure

Selling your home with cash is considered safer that when lending institutions are involved. First, there is not worry that the potential buyer will be denied the money by the Mortgage Company or bank for whatever reason. There is no possibility of limitations similar to those imposed by lenders. This is perhaps one of the reasons home sellers are preferring selling their property to cash buyers. It is common knowledge that most traditional lending institutions are notoriously slow when in every thing they process. This unprecedented delay may come with missed opportunities and lost incomes.

No Need for Repairs

When an investor buys a house for cash, they will take the house “as is.” This term means that the homeowner has no responsibility to make any repairs or upgrades. Whatever state the house is in when they make the purchase is the state they receive it in.

Save Yo Money

Since lenders are interested in retaining high equity, they would require major repairs before they finance the buyer and this may significantly reduce your net return on your home. The good news is that cash home buyers buy on “as is” basis. This means you do not have to worry about any repairs not even after you sell the home. When realtors list your property on the market, you will be needed to show that inspection has been done. This is not only time consuming but also costly.


Overall, buying house with cash provide the best option for homeowners looking to sell their property quickly. If you are considering selling your home and want to find out if with a cash buyer is the way you want to go, please give us call or click on the Contact Us button bellow. We will like the opportunity to meet and see if there is something we can do to help.

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