Home Care Assistance for Elderly People

Home Care Assistance for Elderly People

Best Home Care AssistanceOur elderly friends need compassionate and reliable support. They need loving care that can help them live a fulfilling life without having to endure difficulties because of physical limitations. Fortunately, home care assistance is available to help your aging parents or other seniors in your family.

Finding a Home Care Assistant

Finding caring individuals is a hurdle. Depending on the health condition and care required, you may need someone specializing in a key skill. When interviewing candidates, you must check a few things.

  • Think about the schedule. When do you most need the assistant? For how many days?
  • In the case, extensive care is required, the assistant must be available for extra hours. If not, who will be responsible for the care?
  • Having a stranger in your house will disturb your privacy. Will you pay for their living space, food, electricity and other expenses?
  • What happens if your assistant is sick or injured? In most cases, no substitute is available, and you may have to suffer alone.

The average cost of hiring a healthcare assistant is $20.55/hour. When we calculate the monthly expenses, the result exceeds the $3,000 mark. For 5 hours, a day, 25 days a month; the estimated price is $2,569. You also have to take care of taxes, social security, and monthly payments.

If your older adult needs help with household chores or he is need of companionship then hiring a personal care assistant is the best choice. However, if long-term specialized medical care is required, then you must choose a healthcare facility. There are more than 129 health care facilities operating in Connecticut. The cost of renting a room in a healthcare facility can be more than $5,000/month.

The expenses are calculated based on the level of care that a firm provides to its residents.

Home Care Assistance Facilities for Elderly People

You can find home care assistance facilities in different communities. These centers are organized for people over 55 who need specialized health care and attention. Not only these organizations provide medical care, but they also arrange activities to engage senior citizens.

The best thing about a home care assistance facility is its 24/7 service. The staff prepares the meal, manages laundry and other chores. The health staff is available around the clock. In case of emergency or deteriorating health, the firm can raise the level of care you are receiving.

Cost is the main problem when it comes to choosing assistance facilities. In the United States, the monthly average price of assisted care is $2,877 per month. However, the expenses are significantly higher here. The cost ranges between $2,600 and $10,850 per month. The average of all cities in Connecticut is $5,000.

How to Pay for Home Care Assistance in Connecticut?

There are various options you should consider. Consult your insurance company to see which costs will they cover. A long-term insurance plan will cover the costs of assisted living however it is best to contact your insurance company before assuming anything.

If you do not have an extensive health care insurance plan, you can use your life insurance policy. It can provide living benefits. You can cash out the policy. If money is most needed at this time, you may need to use “life settlement” to sell your policy to a 3rd party. Selling the policy will bring 50%-75% of the plan value.

Renting your house can bring a decent amount of money to cover your health care costs. The average rent in CT is $1,412/month. The problem with this solution is that most people cannot manage tenants or the screening process. Being a landlord is a difficult task, and you might not be able to handle problem tenants and the payment collection process.

If renting is not an option and you want to live in the same house, then consider HELOC. A reverse mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit lets you borrow the equity you have built in the house. An equity line of credit acts as a credit card. The loan is taken for a defined period and must be paid at the end of the term. Using this option mostly means you will sell your house at the end.

Selling your house is another doable option. It works best if you are moving into assisted living and no one will be living in your home. Selling the house can bring immediate revenue which can be used to pay for your long-term health care.

If you are interested in selling the property, we can make it a hassle-free process for you. We understand your situation. Just give us a call. Someone from our team will visit the house and will provide you with an offer shortly thereafter. We will handle the paperwork, inspection, closing costs and title transfer issues. We could even help you safely relocate to your new residence.

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